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Shakaymuni Buddha Opening Ceremony on July 18th 2015

Venerable Xin-xing, the abbot of Dharma Seal Monastery holds a mirror to represent the Buddha's wisdom and compassion to benefit all sentient beings.

Venerable Xi-chen(center), Venerable Xin-xing (right), and Venerable Rui-fa hold the opening ceremony.


Purification Ceremony: the assembly following the monasttic Sangha reciting the Buddha's name walking to the East Garden, where Sakyamuni Buddha is seated.

The monks and nuns together with the honorable guests open the veil of the Buddha.

The assembly chants the Heart Sutra for blessing.

Venerable Xin-chen gives a blessing speech.

Venerable Rui-fa gives a blessing speech.

Veneralbe Zhi-ding performs the bell master.

Venerable Zhi-long performs the wood-fish master.

Venerable Zhi-guo performs the master of drum and little bell.

Program manager: Richard (left) and Sarah(left).

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