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Dharma Seal Monastery
257 St. Andrews Road
Walden, NY 12586
Tel: 845-713-4537




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About Dharma Seal Monastery


Dharma Seal Monastery is a Chinese Mahayana Buddhist Monastery. The Monastery is situated in pastoral acres and wooded lands, which has been dedicated for spiritual happiness for more than a century.


The English meditation programs include: metta (loving-kindness meditation,  insight meditation and Chinese Qi-gong exercises for health and relaxation. Lodging is available for self-retreat or group retreat by appointment.


Our teacher is the Venerable Bhikkhu Xin-xing. He speaks Chinese and English to serve both the Chinese and English communities. He set up the monastery in 2008. He inherits both Linji and Soto traditional Chinese Chan transmission linages. His teaching include not only the teachings of the Chinese patriarchs but also  the root  teachings of the Sakyamuni Buddha.

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