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Photos of 2017 World Peace Day

A Moment of Togetherness, Relaxation, Happiness, Devotion, Harmony, Peace...

When enlightening begins determine to seek enlightenment,

This is not without cause, not without conditions;

Engendering pure faith in the Buddha, Teaching, and Community,

By this they produce a broad, magnanimous mind. 

Not seeking objects of desire or positions of authority,

Wealth, personal enjoyment, or fame,

It is only to forever annihilate creatures' miseries

And to benefit the world that they rouse their will.

Always wanting to profit and gladden all beings,

They adorn lands, and make offerings to Buddha.

Accepting the right teaching, they cultivate its knowledges;

To realize enlightenment they arouse their minds.

Deep faith, belief, and resolution always pure,

They honor and respect all Buddha,

As well as their Teachings and Communities;

Making offerings with ultimate sincerity, they rouse their will.

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