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Food-program, Maintenance

& Winter Heat



We sincerely invite you to support our food program, monastery maintenance & winter heat.


One who gives is dear.

People at large admire him. He gains honor. His status grows.

He enters an assembly unembarrassed.

He is confident — the man unmiserly.

Therefore the wise give gifts.

Seeking bliss, they would subdue the stain of miserliness.

Established in the three-fold heavenly world, they enjoy themselves long in fellowship with the devas. Having made the opportunity for themselves, having done what is skillful, then when they fall from here they fare on, self-radiant, in the garden of the heavenly beings.

There they delight, enjoy, are joyful, replete with the five sensuality strands. Having followed the words of the sage who is Such, they enjoy themselves in heaven — disciples of the One Well-gone.

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