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Upcoming Programs

Happy New Year Of 2023


2023 Schedule


1/1   (Sun)Celebration of Shakyamuni Buddha's Enlightenemnt

                       Chanting Diamond Sutra

1/21 (Sat) Chinese Lunar New Year Eve

                        Chanting 88 Buddhas Great Repentance Ceremony

1/22 (Sun)Chinese Lunar New Year

                        Chanting Mangala Sutra, 

                        Lamp & Meal Offering  Service 

1/29 (Sun)Meal & Lamp Offering Service to Divine Dharma Protectors

3/5   (Sun)Celebration of Guan-yin Bodhisattva's Birthday Ceremony

3/31~4/2 (Fri~Sun)Qin-ming 3-Day Pure Land Ancestors Ceremony

5/21  (Sun)Bathing the Buddha

                           Celebration of Shakyamuni Buddha's Birthday

6/11(Sun)World Peace Ceremony

7/30 (Sun)Celebration of Guan-yin Bodhisattva's Enlightenment

8/27 (Sun)Ullambana Ceremony

9/8~10(Fri~Sun)Celebration of Earth Store Bodhisattva

10/29(Sun)Celebration of Guan-Yin Bodhisattva's Renunciation Ceremony

11/12~18(Sun~Sat)Medicine Buddha 7-Day Retreat

12/24~30(Sun~Sat)Amitabha Buddha Pure Land 7-Day Retreat



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