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The four Seasons of Dharma Seal Monastery

 Dharma Seal Monastery is situated in pastoral acres and wooded lands, which has been dedicated for spiritual happiness for more than a century. Passing by the stone wall lined with tall pine trees and entering the Monastery, visitors can view Jade Buddha Peace Garden and feel an atmosphere of peace and harmony.  Entering the main building, people can experience the rich Chinese Buddhist culture or pray in Main Buddha Hall, Guan-yin Bodhisattva Hall, Earth Store Bodhisattva Hall. People are welcome to meditate in Meditation Hall.

   Main Buddha Hall


Main: Sakyamuni Buddha

Right: Guan-yin Bodhisattva

Left: Earth-store Bodhisattva

Background: 53 & Thousand Buddhas


The Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas are great field of merits. You are welcome to offer and to pray to be well, happy and peaceful!

Medicine Buddha Hall


Medicine Master Tathagata's crystal light forms a blazing net of matchless adornment.


With boundless practices and vows, he benefits all beings. He always complies with beings praying for his help and never fails.


Welcome to offer a lamp to pray to be well, happy and peaceful!

Earth Store Bodhisattva Hall


This hall is dedicated to Amitabha Buddha and Earth Store Bodhisattva. Welcome to offer lamp to pray for the ancestors to be reborn in the Pure Land.


Meditation Room

Peaceful monastic settings!

Comfortable cushions.

Dinning Room

Welcome to enjoy 

healthy veg meals.


Enjoy the richness of the Dharma







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