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Online Dharma Discussion

Meeting Time:  7 pm to 8 pm

(please open a zoom account and e-mail us your e-mail address.

We will e-mail you an invitation link for the zoom Dharma discussion.)

1. 5/25: Ancient India: Belief and Society

2. 6/1: Social and religious context when the Buddha was born

2. 6/8: The Buddha as a Seeker of the Way of Enlightenment

3. 6/15: The Buddha as a Teacher and Bringer of Light to the World

 Fundamental Teachings & Practices:

4. 6/22: Karma and Rebirth

5. 6/13: The Buddha's teaching of Ethics

6. 6/20: Giving and Loving-kindness

Advanced teachings

7. Five aggregates

8. Six sense faculties

9. 18 Elements

10. Dependent Originations

11. The Four Noble Truth

12. The Noble Eight-fold Path

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